All You Need To Know About Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches is a fantastic combination of two popular online casino games Slingo and Rainbow Riches! Rainbow Riches, a cheery Irish-themed slot, initially popped up in 2009 and has since been adored by gamers across the globe. One of the most popular Slingo games is Slingo Rainbow Riches! Thanks to its entertaining Irish theme, intriguing extra features, and straightforward format, this is the perfect game. Here is a Slingo rainbow riches strategy to help you play.

Slingo Rainbow Riches How To Play?

To increase or decrease your stake amount, you can use the left and right arrows. Bets can be placed for as little as 0.50p and as much as £200. To begin, press ‘Start Game,’ and you’ll be granted ten spins! Begin spinning to match the digits on your reel to the digits on the matrix. You will win the Slingo game if you cross every number in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row.

Symbols In case of Slingo Rainbow Riches

When the JOKER character occurs, you can mark any digit on the grid in the row where the character appears. SUPER JOKERS gives you the ability to cross off any single number of your choice anywhere on the grid. You should avoid the DEVIL sign since it prevents you from winning! The FREE SPIN character offers a free spin!

Bonus Rounds In Slingo Rainbow Riches Wishing Well

Three Wishing Wells appear, and you can choose anyone. This is a crucial part of the Slingo rainbow riches strategy. Each one has a unique award attached to it. They can be

·       Cash Crop

A total of 50 coins twirl before you, each with a different multiplier. From one round to the other, the multipliers rise from 0.50p to x10. The multiplier you’ve won will display once they’ve stopped spinning. After that, a flip of a coin determines if you get an additional chance or collect your prize.

·       Magic Toadstool

In this option, you choose a Toadstool! To obtain a winning value, you have three choices between x1, x5, and a fairy. Every fairy assigns three additional values. If one of the picks reminds you, you get an x2 multiplier. If all 24 toadstools get exposed and two picks are left, the total win is multiplied by three! Red Magic Toadstool is similar to the Magic Toadstool, but there are four picks instead of three. Thus, you have a higher chance to increase your winnings.

·       Road To Riches

To progress 1-6 places alongside the golden trail, turn the lucky wheel. You are awarded the reward from your current trail position if the lucky wheel stops on COLLECT. The rules are the same as Road to Riches bonus in the road to Riches Red but with double rewards.

·       Gold-Filled Pots

Silver, Gold, and Bronze pitchers will swirl around in front of you. They will all come to a halt simultaneously, chosen at random. The treasure inside the mystical pot is then awarded to you! Lucky enough, you can win a multiplier prize ranging from x50 to x1000.

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